Daniel Suter Daniel Suter
Lilly Hall 2-239
Daniel grew up in Switzerland and received his MS degree in Biology from the ETH Zurich. After completing his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Zurich, he conducted postdoctoral research at Yale University in cellular neurobiology. In 2003, he started his own lab at Purdue University.
Ahmad_Athamneh Ahmad_Athamneh
Visiting Lecturer
Lilly Hall B-406
Ahmad is from Assarih, Jordan. He received his PhD in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, where he also conducted postdoctoral research. Ahmad joined the lab in may 2013.
Yuan Ren Yuan Ren
Graduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-202
Born in Shandong, China, Yuan did his undergraduate studies at China Agricultural University and got a M.S. in Cell Biology from Nankai University before joining our lab in May 2013.
Cory Weaver Aslihan Terzi
Graduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-238
Aslihan is from Ankara, Turkey. She received her B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Bilkent University in 2014 and joined our lab in May 2015
Erica Wimer Haley Summers Roeder
Graduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-238
Haley is from Noblesville, Indiana. She received her B.S. Degree from Purdue University in 2011 and will start her Master's Program in Fall 2014. She enjoys travelling as often as possible.
Kristi McElmurry
Graduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-238
Kristi is from Sandy, UT and received her BS in Biology from US Air Force Academy in 2003 and her MBA from Arizona State University in 2013. She has been a Air Force Officer since 2003.

Dr. Boris Decourt
Postdoctoral Research Associate. Boris is now an Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University-Banner Health Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Center.

Dr. Cory Weaver
Graduate Student. Cory is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratories of Dr. Fabienne Poulain and Dr. Jeff Twiss at the University of South Carolina

Dr. Yingpei He
Graduate Student. Yingpei is currently a Research Statistician at Monsanto Company, Chesterfield, Missouri.

Dr. Aih Cheun Lee
Graduate Student. Aih-Cheun is currently pursuing a second postdoc at the National Health Research Institute in Taiwan.

Dr. Vidhya Munnamalai
Graduate Student. Vidhya is currently pursuing a second postdoc in the lab of Dr. Donna Fekete in our Department.

Dr. Bingbing Wu
Graduate Student.  Bingbing currently has a Postdoctoral Position at the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium.

Elisabeth Garland
Liz currently works as Research Assistant at Purdue University after she completed her master degree in the Suter Lab.

Amy Seifert
Undergraduate Student. Amy works now in the animal testing facility at Charles River Laboratories, Ashland, OH

Ashley Kwon
Undergraduate Student. Ashley is planning to start a Masters in Public Health Program at NYU.

Erica Wimer
Undergraduate Student. Erica is working St. Francis’s Microbiology lab.

Autumn Beachy
Undergraduate Student. Autumn is currently studying osteopathic medicine at Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio University in Athens, OH.

Monique Nichols
Undergraduate Student. Monique has completed her BS degree in Biology and is currently working in the transportation business.

Corinne Weisheit
Undergraduate Student. Corinne has started graduate studies in the Cellular and Molecular Biology program at University of Michigan.

James Hamilton
Undergraduate student. James graduated in May 2012 with a BS degree in Biology from Purdue and is currently pursuing a PhD in the Indiana University School of Medicine BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program in Indianapolis.

Lauren Payne
Undergraduate student. Lauren graduated in May 2012 with a BS degree in Biology from Purdue and is currently working as a fitness intern at MIT in Boston.

Christina Atallah
Undergraduate student. Christina is currently finishing up her double degree in Biological and Computer Sciences at Purdue.

Desmond Grimm
Undergraduate Student. Desmond is currently finishing up his studies at Purdue University. He plans to attend medical school in the future.

Lauren Sanchez
Undergraduate Student. Lauren is currently attending optometry school.

Aditi Trehan
Undergraduate Student. Aditi is currently attending medical school.

William Kim
Undergraduate Student. William is currently attending the IU medical school in Indianapolis.

Levi Wuethrich
Undergraduate Student. Levi is working for Abbott Laboratories, Chicago.

Mamduh Zabidi
Undergraduate Student. Mamduh is enrolled in the PhD program of the IMP in Vienna, Austria.

Goldie Peabody-Dowling
Undergraduate Student.

Keira MacIsaac
Undergraduate Student. Keira is a Research Associate at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis.

Jeff Fitzgerald
Undergraduate Student.


Cory’s thesis defense celebration, May 2016


Ahmad presenting his poster at ASCB 2015

Cory presenting his poster at ASCB 2015

Yuan presenting his poster at ASCB 2015

Yingpei’s graduation August 2015

Yingpei's graduation Party, Summer 2015

Yingpei successfully defended her thesis, May 2015

Raclette Party, March 2015

Kids are curious about the sea slugs and zebrafish at Spring Fest 2015

MBI workshop “Axonal Transport and Neuronal Mechanics” at Ohio State University, Nov 2014

Participants of MBI workshop “Axonal Transport and Neuronal Mechanics” at Ohio State, Nov 2014

MBI workshop “Axonal Transport and Neuronal Mechanics” at Ohio State University, Nov 2014

Autumn's graduation, May 2014

Autumn's wedding, June 2014

Cory at ASCB Meeting in New Orleans 2013

Yingpei at ASCB Meeting in New Orleans 2013

Neuronal Cytoskeleton Meeting in Chile 2013

ASCB Meeting in San Francisco 2012

Daniel with daughters at Spring Fest 2012

Nanodays 2012

Lauren and James Farewell Party April 2012

HHMI undergrad and high school teacher 2011

Corinne's and Liz's graduation May 2010

Corinne's and Liz's graduation party

Aih Cheun's and Vidhya's graduation Dec 2009

Bingbing's graduation May 2009

Aih Cheun's and Vidhya's graduation party Dec 2009

Suter Lab Party Summer 2008

Suter Lab Spring 2008

Teamwork is important to us!

Always read the instructions!

May 2016
Cory successfully defends his thesis and Aslihan passes her prelim exam. Congratulations to both!

May 2016
Daniel receives the J. Alfred and Martha Chiscon Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching.

April 2016
Ahmad’s abstract was selected for a talk at the Chicago Cytoskeleton Meeting on April 22, 2016. Congratulations Ahmad!

April 2016
Yuan’s paper got published in Neural Plasticity. Congratulations Yuan!

March 2016
Daniel is giving an invited seminar in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL.

February 2016
Ahmad is presenting a poster on modeling mechanically-induced growth cone advance at theAnnual Meeting of the Biophysical Society,Los Angeles.

January 2016
Nazratan Naeem and Sanniv Ganguly rotate in the Suter lab. Welcome Nazratan and Sanniv!
Tenaizus Woods and Hanna House start undergraduate research in our lab as well. Welcome Tenaizus and Hanna!

December 2015
Ahmad, Cory, and Yuan present posters at the Annual ASCB meeting in San Diego.

November 2015
Cory’s paper on NOX expression in zebrafish got accepted in J. Comp Neurology. Congratulations Cory!

October 2015
Alex Pak from the PULSe program starts his rotation in the Suter lab. Welcome Alex!

August 2015
Ahmad’s paper got accepted in Biophys. J. His review also got accepted in Front. Cell. Neurosci. Congratulations Ahmad!

August 2015
Yingpei receives her PhD from Purdue. Congratulations Yingpei!

July 2015

Yingpei’s paper got accepted in Mol. Biol.Cell. Congratulations Yingpei!

June 2015
Suter Lab hosts Rodolfo Amezcua as SROP student for the summer 2015. Welcome Rodolfo!

May 2015
Aslihan Terzi successfully passes the Qualifying Exam and joins the Suter lab as new PhD student. Welcome, Aslihan!

May 2015
Yingpei successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations, Yingpei!

May 2015
Suter lab receives a grant from the Purdue NIH-targeted Funding Opportunities Initiative for the ROS project.

April 2015
Suter Lab participates at Purdue NanoDays and Spring Fest.

April 2015
Cory Weaver receives a second year of PRF grant support. Congratulations, Cory!

February 2015

Ahmad presents his research with a poster at the Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in Baltimore, Feb 7-11.

December 2014
Cory, Yuan, and Daniel attend the ASCB meeting in Philadelphia. Cory’s abstract was selected for an ePoster talk. Congratulations, Cory!

November 2014
Daniel co-organizes a meeting on “Axonal Transport and Neuronal Mechanics” to be held at the Mathematical Bioscience Institute (MBI) at Ohio State University on November 3-7, 2014. Ahmad gives a short talk on his research on force measurements in growth cones.

September 2014
Rachel Wu (PULSe) and Aslihan Terzi (Biology) will rotate in our lab during the academics year 2014/15. Welcome Rachel and Aslihan!

August 2014
Amy Seifert and Dayoon Kwon join the lab as undergraduate researchers. Welcome Amy and Dayoon!”

April 2014
Vidhya’s second paper on NADPH oxidase in neuronal growth cones just came out in J. Neurochem.