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January 2022

We welcome Alexa Yeagley, who is doing her 3. lab rotation with us!

January 2022

With the New Year we welcome our newest lab members: Dr. Soumyajit Dutta as well as the following undergraduate students: Marguerite Whiteside, Katherine DeSanti, Emmie Bell, Alexandria Warren, Vanessa Cardona, and Elise O'Herron

October 2021

Our collaborative paper with the Mattoo Lab on cortactin purification and phosphorylation by Src2 is out in Bio-protocol. Congratulations to everybody involved!

October 2021

Dhulika Ravinuthala and Bozhi (Basilia) Liu start their second rotations in our lab. Welcome, Dhulika and Basilia!

August 2021

Cassandra Hannemann is our newest member of the SCI team. Welcome, Cassandra!

July 2021

Nina Fujii joins our lab as a volunteer working on a the zebrafish SCI project. Welcome, Nina!

July 2021

The video for the JoVE article on ROS imaging just came out. Congrats, Aslihan and Sabbir!

May 2021

Mehul Shrivastava is joining us this summer as undergraduate researcher and helps us in the fish facility. Welcome, Mehul!

May 2021

Soumi Mukherjee is doining her third rotation in our lab. Welcome, Soumi!

April 2021

The lab has received a grant from the Indiana Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Fund’s (ISCBIRF) to conduct a drug screen with zebrafish larvae to identify new drugs for treatment of spinal cord injury.





The Suter lab is interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cell motility. We are currently focusing our research efforts on directional movements of neuronal growth cones, which are highly motile structures at the tip of axons and dendrites. Growth cones are sophisticated signaling devices, capable of detecting information in the environment and transducing it towards the dynamic cytoskeleton that ultimately drives the motility. Understanding these mechanisms is not only important for neuronal development, but also to design strategies that overcome neuronal degeneration after injuries and diseases.

The Suter lab is part of the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Science at and of the Purdue Institute of Integrative Neuroscience at Purdue University. The laboratory is located on the second floor of Lilly Hall of Life Sciences. Thank you for visiting our Website!

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